Saturday, March 1, 2008

...Autumn in Rozelle

Perfect weather for the first day of Autumn, and a friend was doing a spice course at Herbies, so we met for lunch at the Barn afterwards. For a change, there was no queue, so no waiting for a table.
I've always found the service a bit slow here. Today, the waitresses were friendly though the food took a long time to arrive - over 30 mins is a bit of a wait. Whenever I order, I think I've ordered well, but as usual, when my friend's tasting plate arrived. I knew I should've gotten that! Anyway, my burger was nice and the thick chips were delish. The tasting plate got thumbs up.

Afterwards, we strolled over to aboutlife, that haven of healthiness, mostly organic and a little bit pricier, but full of food stuff that you just have to have.

I’ve never really been into the whole organic thing because the fruit and veg never seem to be that good-looking (sure, that Woolworths apple has been in cold storage for 9 months, but it’s so shiiiiny!). But if aboutlife was my local market, then I think I’d shop here more regularly. Lots of sauces, pastas, teas and waters in great packaging and that tinge of ‘righteousness’ about them.

I showed restraint and only got some pasta and sauce (because arrabbiata sounds like arriba!). My friend splashed out on several bags of organic coffee and soybeans. Now that’s a real enviro nut.

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